Timezone of datasets


Can you confirm that the timestamp of all the datasets are in the same timezone?

Hi @oliviers, good question. According to the details we have, all of the datasets should be in local time, and there is only one time zone in Morocco. Let us know if you find any indications that this is not the case.

The description state
"Date / Local time - Local time in this location. Summer time (Daylight Saving Time) is taken into consideration"

This is unlikely, for 2 reasons:
a/ this forbids to retrieve the “real” time
b/ if it was the case, 2:00 , 2:30 should not exst the day STD => DST, and they should appear twice on DST => STD

Morocco is especially trikcy regarding DST because, ramadam falling in summer in 2014 + 2015, DST was reversed ( probably to make the fast more bearable ), so there should be 2 “holes” 2:00-300 and 2 “duplicates” 2:00-3:00 each summer this year.

It probably does not make a big difference on the forecasts, but for the sake of it it would be nice to know how the data from the “Tme” column is build for each file. Maybe it is just random and guessing is part of the challenge?

Good question–unfortunately, we don’t know for sure what happened during the time changes, so we have to ask the data. There are two datasets that have enough granularity to look at these time changes–the fog net data, and the weather data from Agadir.

From looking at the data, it looks like both datasets actually ignore the Ramadan time changes in 2014/2015. Neither one has any anomalies on the dates we expect to see changes.

The only time that I spot a DST/STD change 2015-03-29, where the fog net data leaves out 02:00 - 03:00 and the Agadir data leaves out 03:00 - 04:00.

Would be happy to hear other theories if you have them!