Why only three variables in submission file?


I am a beginner in Data Science. Right now I am using R to predict the total cases. However, while making a model there where around 25 variable. I was about to fit that model in submission file and there are only 3 variable. My model need more variable than those to predict the value. How to solve this issue? Am I doing something wrong?

I made 2 model for 2 cities with random forest. While predicting the values in submission file it is showing an error that other variables not found. If someone could guide me here. That would be great. Thanks

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You have to use the test data csv file for your predictions and append all the data in the file which has to be submitted, i.e append all your prediction data along with the city name,year and the week of the year and submit it,
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what does it’s mean?

Yeah, I got the same problem, do you figure it out now?
Much thx!!!

I still can’t send it man , no one reply me Haha what should we do

Hello @BlackBird, @Ryooooo,
I had the same problem, even when python show my csv file with only four columns as the submission format file (city, year, weekofyear, and total_cases). The difference is that python when saving also save the index column. try deleting it.