Why I can't access the dataset using wget

I am trying to access the dataset via wget but I am receiving error saying “s3://” is an unknown protocol. In fact, I can’t even download locally via my browser as all the browsers I know are not supporting that “s3://” protocol. Please I need help on how to get the dataset.

Hi NawasNaziru! Can you confirm that this question is about the Facebook Image Similarity Challenge?

If so, please see the “downloading_image_archives.txt” file on the Data Download page for instructions. The best way to access the data is by using the AWS CLI.

I hope this helps.

When I copy the link which are all based on the s3:// protocol not https://, and paste in my browser, I am receiving error from my browser that resource not found. So, even in my browser, I can’t access the files.

Hi @NawasNaziru. That is normal that the links will not work with your browser. As you’ve noted, the provided file links are using the S3 protocol (used for AWS S3). Browsers and wget only support HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and FTPS. Per the instructions in downloading_image_archives.txt, we recommend you use the AWS CLI: What is the AWS Command Line Interface? - AWS Command Line Interface

Ok! Thanks. I will give it a try.