AWS CLI access forbidden

Hi all, Hi @isms @kwetstone @dinay

I am trying to download the dataset via AWS CLI:
aws s3 cp s3://drivendata-prod/data/78/public/train_nano.tar .

But I am receiving 403 Forbidden error.
Please advise.


@aghandour Did you use the expiring link generated through the ‘Data download’ page? I don’t believe a direct aws s3 cp is a supported way of downloading the files.

@isms The download link is working but it is not practical though.
We need to be able to access the dataset through awscli to use it for cloud computing.
This is common across most challenges nowadays.


@aghandour We don’t support this for a variety of reasons but you’re welcome to download it once from the site and then put it wherever you need to, e.g. in your own S3 location.

Does this mean the only way to download the data is by “clicking” on the different links provided?

@glipstein, @isms do you have any answer?

After you initially download the data you can put it somewhere else that you control and which can be automated. But yes, you need to download the data through the website for this competition.