Which variables can be used?


There is something I do not really understand. In the test_metadata.csv, there are only age, sexe, body_site, melanoma_history and resolution variable. Does it means we can only use these variables in our model ?

Or, all variables in train_metadata.csv are includee in the data file of real submission ?

Can you give me some precison on that point ?

IAvengers TEAM

You can check out the link for detailed instructions,

The test set images and metadata are only accessible in the runtime container and are mounted at /code_execution/data.

test_metadata.csv contains the following variables:

filename (str) - unique identifier for each WSI
age (str) - age range of the patient at initial diagnosis
sex (int) - sex of the patient at initial diagnosis, where 1=male and 2=female
body_site (str) - the site of the melanoma at initial diagnosis
melanoma_history (str) - whether the patient had melanoma before
resolution (float) - the resolution at level 0 of the slide in microns per pixel
Note that breslow and ulceration are not included in the test metadata. You may still find these variables useful in model training. See the data resources page for more on how pathologists use breslow depth and ulceration to make a prognosis. Annotated slide examples are also provided on the data download page.