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Can we have access to the datetime on test images?

Hi :slight_smile:

I would like to know if it is possible to get access to the date of the images on the test dataset (like in train_metadata.csv).

Hi @csaybar , Yes the test metadata will be available in the code execution environment as /codeexecution/data/test_metadata.csv and will have the same format as the train_metadata.csv, i.e., it will include chip_id, location, datetime columns (no cloudpath column).


Hi @rbgb thanks for your fast reply. Please I will grateful if you let me know when this is ready :slight_smile:

Just to be clear, the test metadata is only available from within the code execution environment. That is, when you make a code submission, your code will have access to the metadata CSV at the path /codeexecution/data/test_metadata.csv. We are not planning to release the test metadata as a separate file outside of the code execution environment. Have a look at the Code submission format and code execution runtime for more detail on the code execution component of this competition.

hi @rbgb , is the test metadata location is the same as the training metadata, or there are new location that is not mentioned on the training metadata?

@leoaaa Per the metadata section of the problem description:

There are up to 400 chips for each location in the data. Each location is either entirely in the train set or the test set, so all of the settings in the test set will be entirely new.

I hope that helps!

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