What was the number of participants?


First of all, thanks a lot for organizing this competition, it was great and very interesting!

My question is could you, please, tell how many participants were there in the competition? I see the number of 622 participants, but are those registered participants or those who made at least one submit?

A related question is why we don’t see the whole leaderboard? I guess those participants who are below 50 position would have also preferred to see their name in the leaderboard?

Thank you!

Hi @iorana - Thanks for the questions. The public information on participants and number of submissions is what you see provided on the challenge homepage. The leaderboard will show the top 50 to everyone, and each participant can see their own rank as well. Congrats on the great work.

Now we know multi account allowed (orgs not checking it) so number of participants, much more less than you can see in leaderboard page

I might have missed the announcement, how do we know that having multiple accounts is ok? The orgs might not check it, but still I guess it is prohibited.

It is clear that the number of participants is not 622, I believe this is the number of people who wanted to download the data, and the number of people who made at least one submission is a lot lower.

Some participants use multi account for competition and had a discussion here from this accounts. That’s all. Nothing more than obvious breaking rules.

@leigh.plt @iorana Multiple accounts are not allowed, and if anyone is aware of or suspects any abuse of the policy we would expect them to report that to info@drivendata.org.

We keep all reports confidential and always investigate allegations of improper use.