What is to stop anyone from using a tutorial

from DataCamp or wherever to generate a submission ?

@paulgureghian What is your concern?

in other words, how do you know if a users submission to the competition is all their own work from scratch and how much of it was just copied and pasted from data camp or some other source ?

Submissions have to be reproducible to be eligible for a prize. This is verified before prizes are awarded. In competitions without a prize there is no real incentive to cheat.

That being said, tutorials that teach people the skills to make a reasonable submission are not objectionable. If there is an actual submission file being downloaded and submitted that would be odd but you’d also see the submitters of such a file have the same score.

Per the rules, using outside resources is fine as long as they are openly available. Are you worried about a paid course or something that gives people (good) answers for a particular competition?

You are free to use methods explained in tutorials, but I doubt you will get below 0.40

For better results, you will have to combine that knowledge with your own data science skills