Waiting for torrent

Dear organizers,

Really looking forward to the torrent dataset (cannot download the whole dataset for reasons).
Many thanks, ready to seed.



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I also have plans to solve this problem. Wasn’t able to download full dataset using HTTP. @bull, please, add torrent ASAP.

We’ve updated the .torrent files available on the data download page for the micro and nano datasets. The raw data torrent is still in progress since it is significantly larger.

Could you confirm that those torrents work for the smaller datasets?

We’ll update this thread as soon as the raw data is available over torrent, thanks!

@bull please take a look

The nano torrent seems to work fine.

Here is a screenshot:

Great, thanks @aveysov. The raw data is now available from the download page as well. We’ll try to get some more seeds up in the meantime!

CC @ZFTurbo

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Many thanks, I will check today in the evening.
I hope files are separated inside the torrent? =)

Inspected torrent on my PC.
Is is possible by any means to have a torrent with multiple files inside, so that I could try donwloading a subsample?

Yeah, torrent with files instead of archive inside would be better. It also solves the problem with small subset downloading.

Testing torrent from my office in Armenia - speed is ca 500-700 kb/s, when direct download in Moscow is ca. 2-3 Mb/s =)

Will also test downloading via torrent in Moscow…

For all those wondering whether to participate

  • torrent has speed up somewhat
  • direct download is slow now
  • there are at least 3 nodes with 50% completion ration

@aveysov We appreciate your patience, we’re in the process of adding geographically distributed mirrors and seedboxes so download of the raw data should be less painful soon! I’ll update this thread.


Hi, for approximately a day torrent cannot find peers, including your original node and ZFTurbo, who is also seeding. Is that expected behaviour?

Raw data now has links to mirrors in Europe and Asia:


My md5 checksum of the .tgz (which was not compressed?) is
359e60f3417f2afc85dc924219014fca raw_chimps.tgz

Probably this will be helpful for the rest of the people

Unfortunately it looks like there is no seeder on torrent files. My raw_chimps.tgz stuck on 90%.


I am seeding.
When I used transmission behind VPN I had the same issue…