Video Similarity Challenge Using MATLAB

I am better at MATLAB than any other programming language (although I have basic practice in Python). Can I participate in this challenge using MATLAB?

Hi Isyae-

There are a few things to consider for MATLAB submissions.

  1. The rules specify that the source code, and any software the source code depends on, must be open source. To be eligible for prizes, you would need to submit code that ran using octave rather than MATLAB.
  2. The code execution runtimes currently do not support octave. If you wanted to have an eligible octave submission, you would be responsible for submitting a PR to the runtime repositories that added octave support, and that PR would have to successfully build, test, and be approved.
  3. You would still need to have a python script that was used to conduct inference in the code execution environment.

You are welcome to use MATLAB and submit your descriptors or match candidates without inference code, but these submissions would be ineligible for Phase 2 and therefore ineligible for prizes.