USGS Streamflow data missing for 4 sites instead of 1?

Just confirming: the runtime code to download the USGS daily streamflow data does not return files for american_river_folsom_lake, fontenelle_reservoir_inflow, ruedi_reservoir_inflow, and skagit_ross_reservoir?

I wanted to double check as the data source description says data is only missing for one site_id, but in practice it seems like four are missing.

Hi @jitters,

To clarify, the data source description is referring to the fact that 25/26 sites have a USGS station present (i.e., the usgs_id has a value in metadata.csvskagit_ross_reservoir does not have a station listed). We attempt to fetch data for all 25 stations but not all stations have streamflow data. This was also true for the Hindcast Stage.

You can see this reflected when browsing the USGS website. For example, american_river_folsom_lake only has temperature data while hungry_horse_reservoir_inflow has “discharge” as one of the variables available: