Missing monthly naturalized flow

Hello, is it expected that the latest monthly naturalized flow is missing for some of these sites?

  • skagit_ross_reservoir (latest date is 2023-12-31)
  • sweetwater_r_nr_alcova (latest date is 2024-01-31)

Hi @rasyidstat,

It looks like we had an issue with the data pipeline that caused the monthly naturalized flow to be missing for skagit_ross_reservoir. The values are actually available through April 2024. I have fixed the data for issue date 2024-05-08 (yesterday’s run) and rerun that issue date for all participants with successful jobs. Thanks for checking.

For sweetwater_r_nr_alcova, as well as some other sites, the naturalized flow is indeed missing from the raw data from the data provider (NRCS).