Antecedent monthly naturalized flow and no future data requirements

Can I use monthly naturalized flow from the previous month to estimate water volume on the first day of the next month? For example, when I make an estimation for 2023-05-01 date, can I use the monthly flow for April? Or I can use April’s monthly flow only on 2023-05-08 date?

Hi @RomanChernenko,

During the Hindcast Phase, you can assume that the April monthly flow is available on May 1.

However, during the Forecast Phase, this may or may not be the case, depending on the publishing latency from NRCS/RFCs. As a limitation of depending external data providers, we won’t have full control over when they publish their data. You should design your solution to be able to handle either case and make predictions based on whatever latest data is available.

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Hi @jayqi,
Should we take the same assumption for the Final Stage that monthly naturalized flow from previous month (say April 2020) could be used already on the first day of the next month (1 May 2020)? I’m just asking to make sure, as I believe it wasn’t clarified for this stage of the competition.

Hi @progin,

Yes, that is correct. This should be treated in the same way as the Hindcast Stage—i.e., subject to the requirement that only data for before the issue date can be used for any issue date.

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