Understanding Final Submission Due


So the final submission due is Jan 24 23:59:59 GMT. My question is, do we need to finish running the code on online judge before that due as well or just get it running?

Hi @yizhewan,

Code submissions that are made before the deadline and successfully complete after the deadline will count as on time.

Please be aware that submissions may still fail for various reasons, such as a runtime error, not writing predictions in the correct format, or run into the time limit. Please submit as early as you can to make sure that you have a successful submission.

If you need to make changes to which submission is selected for final consideration and are not able to using the UI (such as due to being past deadline), you can email info@drivendata.org and we can take care of it for you.

The required documentation (technical report and code guide) must be still be submitted before the deadline.