Unable to download CPC Outlook region dictionary

I’ve downloaded and cleaned the CPC Outlook data for precipitation and temperature, but am unable to link this data with the forecast sites as the CPC file for converting the region IDs into region names is broken.

Here are the CPC Outlook regions:

In the data we are given a CD variable (a number between 1 and 102) that corresponds to the climate region and are told to consult the regiondict.txt file:

However the region dictionary on the CPC website here is broken. I cannot find any equivalent product on the internet. Does anyone know how to translate the CD codes into climate regions?

Hi @jitters,

As the entry on the approved datasets page notes:

Geospatial vector data for the climate divisions is available on the data download page (cpc_climate_divisions.gpkg ) and can be joined to downloaded data on the CD identifier column.

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