Csv files missing

Selecting most but not all of the data download area csv files now gives the following error where previously the csv files downloaded successfully:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

AccessDenied Request has expired 86400 2024-02-19T13:17:04Z 2024-02-19T22:55:36Z 12V45J99N0N3VRQ7 9Ze3s9Vqyd4CaEbnZMGJ2Kbg219mgzQlcVlFYEwHn7lQPWg4PmkSPvvUiz89V5FTZrScuPdPrhQ=

Hi @scottmreed,

The links on the data download page are temporary and get generated when you load the page. If you leave the page open for a long time and then try to use them, you will see an error message like that. You should be able to reload the page and try again.

That fixed it. Thanks.