Data not Available

I get the following Access Denied error when attempting to download anything from the data downloads page:

<Error> <Code>AccessDenied</Code> <Message>Request has expired</Message> <X-Amz-Expires>86400</X-Amz-Expires> <Expires>2022-04-14T22:26:36Z</Expires> <ServerTime>2022-04-15T00:07:19Z</ServerTime> <RequestId>7JS9TRPKX8VSAJ2X</RequestId> <HostId> DEXaJNZYiuTHbnBHHu/mGkFZB2Egq/PdIOyRhFVHoDnT8AeY6yrQeifb2nrkK7pF39RwGNSBzfo= </HostId> </Error>
Could someone please help with this?

Hi @samitizerxu. Most likely you tried to download the data after keeping the data downloads page open for a long time. The links on the data download page will expire after some time. Please reload the page to refresh the links.

Hi Jay! The problem was actually that I was on VPN. Thanks though!