Track B temporal data

Hi, I’m exploring the data for track B and I’m confused about how is temporal feature reflected in the training data. More specifically, each person has a label for every single day. However, if we look at the activity location assignment data, the max duration is 86370 seconds, which is less than 1 full day. I’m confused since it is not assuming which day this is. It also doesn’t align with the duration field in the population network data. Could anyone explain whether this misalignment is expected? Thanks!

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Hi @shengyuan. According to the Problem Description, “Activities are repeated every day, as if it were like the film Groundhog Day”. That is, every activity in Activity location assignment data occurs every day.

The population network data reports contact between two individuals. The network duration reflects the length of contact. This does not necessary have to match the activity duration if the person was alone, i.e. not in contact with another individual, for some portion of the period during which they were present at that location.

Hopefully that helps!

Got it. Thanks for clarifying!