Teaming and eligibility

As we kick off this challenge, we want to provide a quick point of clarification about eligibility. The challenge is open to international participants, however to be eligible to receive a prize the Team Lead must be age 18 or older and a US citizen or permanent resident of the US or its territories. The Team Lead is the sole person who will accept the cash prizes on behalf of the team. Teams are encouraged to include participants from around the globe, and this forum can be a great way to find teammates.

You can check out the official rules on for further information on eligibility.

Would I be able to join now, for sprint 2, having missed the preregistration?
Thank you

Hi @Hajimoha - Of course! You can head over to the Sprint 2 homepage to register (click “Compete”) and get started. Keep in mind you’ll need to get pre-screened by February 15th in order to qualify for final scoring in this sprint.

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