Submission requirements Red Phase

I had a couple of questions about the submission format for the red phase participants. The outline given now, is an outline that assumes only one attack is implemented. However, since we have to evaluate multiple solutions for multiple aspects, this seems insufficient. How do we adjust the format for the inclusion of multiple attacks? It also seems like we have to be very extensive in our documentation of the attack in the four pages. For one attack, it might be possible to include all of this in four pages. However, since we will have to implement at least 5 attacks, including all of this seems pretty much impossible. Can we move eg. the technical details of an attack and further discussion (such as mitigations for the attack) to the appendix?

Hi @JasperDekoninck,

The items documented under “Overview of what teams submit” are to be made for each assigned blue team solution. That means if your team is assigned N blue team solutions, you will need to submit N separate attack reports, each of which should be limited to 4 pages.

With respect to the attack report format, if your team is evaluating more than one attack against a given blue team solution, you should repeat sections 3–5 as necessary.

Challenge organizers do not plan to increase the page limits of the required submission items.

Regarding the appendix, the challenge website documents:

If you have supporting details such as proofs, you may include them in an appendix. Note that reviewers will not be required to read the appendix. Appendices must be no more than 8 pages.

I hope that helps. Thank you for the questions—we may update the challenge website to make some of these points more clear. Let us know if you have additional questions.

Dear @jayqi,

Thank you for the clarification, that indeed makes a lot more sense. I have two small follow-up questions on this:

  1. If one attack is applicable to multiple solutions, I guess all specifications (eg. technical details) have to be explained in each paper and that copy-pasting this info is okay (obviously experimental results etc. will be different)?
  2. I guess we can also assume that reviewers have read all documents of the blue team and that we do not have to reintroduce notation & concepts if they have already been introduced in the blue team paper?

Hi @JasperDekoninck,

  1. Yes, that is right. Please write each attack report independent of other attack reports. If you conceptually doing the same thing to multiple blue team solutions, you should repeat the same information across the reports as appropriate.

  2. Yes, you can make references to and adopt the blue team’s notation and concepts as appropriate. You can assume reviewers have access to and have read the associated blue team report. Please note, however, that reviewers and judges will be assessing multiple blue teams and multiple red teams. Please be as clear as possible when writing your reports. For example, please indicate when you are adopting something from the blue team paper, so that it is clear to the reader where it is defined.