Documentation Submission Query

We have a question on documentation submission for Phase II. We are allowed 4 additional pages for updates excluding references. Are we also allowed to include a Title page, Contents page and a page listing team members in addition to the 4 additional pages? Would these structural pages be excluded from the 14 page limit.

Hi @sarahrhalem,

We are sticking with the technical paper specifications as documented. If something is not required or not specified in the documented specifications (e.g., a table of contents), then it is up to you whether you want to include it, and it will count towards the page limit.

(EDIT: US ONLY) The title and team introduction sections are required and are included in the page limit, and we ask that teams make a reasonable judgment on sizing them appropriately.

Thanks Jayqi,

Ok that is clear, everything counts towards the page limit except for references.

Where is the mention of a team introduction section requirement for the technical documentation exactly please, I haven’t seen this documented anywhere? For clarification are you referring to the introduction to our solution, or an introduction to team members e.g. team member names etc In Phase I, info on the team members was required as part of the Innovate UK submission form but not as part of the white paper itself.

Hi @sarahrhalem,

My apologies—you are correct that there is not a team introduction section requirement in the UK paper specifications. This is a section that is only specified in the technical paper requirements for the US side. I have edited the previous post to note that.

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