Runtime environment, private dependency

Our solution has private third party dependency, it can be installed by pip with our local repository.
it’s better not to public pip repo, how should I update the runtime image ?


Have you considered vendorizing the code into your submission as a module so you can import from it?

some of the code is written in c++, I think it’s not able to as a module

Hi @xbkaishui,

It’s quite possible that you can still vendor your dependency, including compiled binaries. If you install your dependency on an equivalent system (the runtime image uses ubuntu20.04), and you can then copy out what gets installed into site-packages/.

Additionally, challenge organizers are considering adding an API to run a participant-supplied preparation shell script at the beginning of evaluation. This script would be bundled in your submission ZIP archive, and would be intended to do things like running dependency installation steps. If vendoring does not work, this may be a solution for your case. Note that this decision is not yet finalized, and that it will take some time before it is available in the runtime image.

ok, I think it it ok for me. thanks for you advice