Runtime dependency


  1. Where can I view the runtime dependency that are already going to be present. And
    if there is some library I want added, is there a form like for approved data source that
    I can fill?



Hi @saket,

The Hindcast Evaluation Arena launched today, and as part of that, the data and runtime repository has been updated with the runtime specifications. See: GitHub - drivendataorg/water-supply-forecast-rodeo-runtime: Data and runtime repository for the Water Supply Forecast Rodeo competition on DrivenData

The README contains instructions for requesting additional dependencies.

Hi @jayqi
Thanks, i tried make pull and got the following error:
Error response from daemon: Head “”: unauthorized: authentication required, visit for more information.
Same with the cpu. Do we need azure account for this image or setup some credentials somewhere


Hi @saket,

Sorry, this was a misconfiguration on our end. It should be fixed now, and you should be able to access the images. Azure accounts or credentials are not required. Let me know if you continue to run into issues.