Predictors data


during evaluation, the data from approved sources will alredy be available on the execution runtime environment. Also on the approved sources you mentioned “Data ingestion code”.

Will you make this data available directly to download, so we are modelling with the same data strcuture that will be available on the evaluation environment?



Hi @VictorCallejas,

The repository with code for downloading feature data is now available here: GitHub - drivendataorg/water-supply-forecast-rodeo-runtime: Data and runtime repository for the Water Supply Forecast Rodeo competition on DrivenData — code for additional data sources will continuing being added as it becomes available.

We currently do not plan to make the test feature data directly available to download.

Instead, we plan to publish a list or file tree output for data mounted to the code execution runtime so that you will be able to check your local setup against it. I will follow up when that is available.


That is perfect.

Thank you!

Great, thanks! Just to let you know, I noticed the link given in the SNODAS section gives a ‘page not found’ error, and I couldn’t find the script in the repository.

Hi @tomwetherell, sorry for the confusion. The module is not quite ready yet but is coming soon. I’ve removed the broken link from the page for now.

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