Rule Clarity for Section 1.9 Minimum Submission Requirements

In section 1.9 in the third bullet it says “Not participate using more than one DrivenData Account” What is the definition of account? Is it referring to a user account or to a a “team”?

Example: Christina and Matthew each have their own user accounts with a username and have individually enrolled in the PETS challenge Blue Team. Christina creates a Team while logged into her account and she is the Official representative. Does this mean that only under Christina’s account login can be used for submissions even though Matthew can see the links for data and submissions?

Hi @Consilient,

“DrivenData Account” refers to a user account.

In the scenario you have described, Christina and Matthew each have their own user accounts and should not make any more user accounts that are operated by either of them. If Christina makes a Team, Matthew can join that Team with his user account.

  • Both Christina’s user account and Matthew’s user account are each only able to join one team in this challenge. If Christina’s user account and Matthew’s user account have joined the Team, then making additional accounts by either Christina or Matthew to join other teams is forbidden.
  • Teams work by sharing submissions. That means any submission made by Christina’s user account or Matthew’s user account go into the Team’s shared submission pool. Both user accounts (and any other user accounts on their Team) will see the same shared submission pool, can make additional submissions on behalf of the Team if the Team has any remaining submission slots, or can delete existing submissions made by another member of the Team.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if I can clarify further.

Thank you @jayqi this is most helpful. A couple follow-up questions just to be sure I got it!
If we had other team mates, they would need to either have and existing account or create their own accounts and then I add them to the team. But each of us can only have 1 account. I think I have this now, just want to be sure.

I didn’t see a limit one team mates, but just to double check, is there a limit?

@Consilient That is all correct.

There are no limits on the size of teams.

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@jayqi are there more detailed instructions about how to register as an entity?

Hi @Consilient,

You can register as an individual and note your affiliation when you make your submission. In the case that your team would win a prize, you can provide details about the entity that you represent at that time.

Let us know if you have any further questions or need additional clarification.

I just put together a company team, but several of the team members are on vacation and have not signed up for DrivenDaya. I have their names in the abstracts. Can I add them after September 4, 2022 when they return?

@glipstein @emily Please forgive the broader outreach, but I want to catch anyone who has not started their holiday to get a reading on my question above.

I received a response from that teams can be amended after Abstract Submission,