Reading data into Matlab


I’m trying to read the data in order while following the blogspost: The BioMassters Challenge - Benchmark - DrivenData Labs

s3Path = 's3://drivendata-competition-biomassters-public-eu/train_features/';
exampleS1Path = fullfile(s3Path, 'train_features', '0a8b6998_S1_00.tif');
exampleS1 = imread(exampleS1Path);

But I’m getting an error that I need to set the AWS secret_access_key and key_id.

Reason: Location 's3://drivendata-competition-biomassters-public-eu/train_features/train_features/0a8b6998_S1_00.tif' requires credentials. You must setup an AWS credentials file, or set the environment variables


So I did attempt to do that, according to this post

Given that this is not required, I set them to empty

> setenv('AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID', '');
> setenv('AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY', '');

This attempt failed as well. It’s not clear to me what parameter I have to pass to imread function to make it work.

You might try to use anonymous access, therefore not needing AWS KEY.
setenv(‘AWS_NO_SIGN_REQUEST’, 1);

Apparently that doesn’t work either. I’m getting the same error. Yet that sounds like a good idea.
I tried giving ‘1’, ‘0’ as param since a text scalar is required but didn’t help.

I’m also attempting this in MATLAB online.