Pumps visualization dashboard with Tableau

bubble display of functionality by region:

map with regions based on the geographical coordinates:

click on the sheets… this is just scratching the surface…


Very cool… I havent run my models yet, but does date recorded have a strong correlation with result? that could be a serious methodological issue if it does…

Yes, there is a slight kuznets curve relationship between date_recorded to the percentage of functional/non functional pumps. It does make intuitively sense also, older pumps break more often. What doesn’t make logically sense is that most of the oldest recorded pumps are still functional, but there are probably other variables beside date_recorded at play.


x-axis wrong, should be construction_year:

Thanks for the reply, there is certainly something interesting there! I should have time to run some models within the next two weeks, I would love some feedback once I post them.

Super!!! Thank you very much for the visualization :grinning: