Are all rows unique water pumps?

I’m curious if all rows are seperate waterpumps or if the rows are historical data of the same pumps?

Basing on the fact that all rows, at least. correspond to different variables like year of construction, payment types , quality and quantity of water, and others, some of which may influence choice of water pumps for the site, I expect them to as well correspond to different pumps. But this may not apply to all rows. It could be possible that some constructors chose the same type of pump…(Hope this can help)

Hello There,
I have been wondering the same thing.
Since there are some water points with the same name I’ve been asking myself if there can be more than one observation per water point.

From what I’ve seen from the data they are all the same pumps, since i had no duplicates in gps coordinates (except where the coordinates were filled with 0’s)