Phase || download corrupted, S3 flaky?


Is there any way to get download via wget or curl.
I seem to be having an issue with unipping

mmf_convert_hm --password=XXXXXXXXX
Data folder is XXXXX/.cache/torch/mmf/data
Zip path is
Starting checksum for
Traceback (most recent call last):

AssertionError: Checksum of downloaded file does not match the expected checksum. Please try again.

And indeed two downloads have different sha hashes

(mmf) [yyy@XXX hateful_memes]$ sha1sum ~/Downloads/
d03fc58cd09d3318b626435647f3e80a5935c29a /home/vvm/Downloads/

(mmf) [yyy@XXX hateful_memes]$ sha1sum

Is it possible that S3 bucket service is flaky?

Can somebody post hash algo and valid hash please?

Thank you in advance!

Noting here that this is being discussed in Phase 2 unzip doesn't work