Google drive link to data

Hi , please can anyone help me with a google drive shareable link to the data , i have been trying to use wget to download it directly to my drive but i am getting a 403 error , apparently because it is stored in a private S3 bucket

Hi @Jbichene, is there a reason you can’t use the official data download page to get the data?

As for putting on Goggle Drive, do not host the dataset using a third party. Distribution of the dataset is prohibited by the license agreement as specified in section 6:

(6) Participant will not:

  • modify, translate, or create any derivative works based upon the HM Dataset;
  • distribute, copy, disclose, assign, sublicense, embed, host or otherwise transfer the HM Dataset to any third party, except as described in Section 1(b) above;
  • remove or alter any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notices appearing on or in copies of the HM Dataset;
  • use the HM Dataset in a pornographic, defamatory or other unlawful manner, or in violation of any applicable regulations or laws;
  • incorporate the HM Dataset into any other program, dataset, or product;
  • use the HM Dataset to distribute manipulated images or videos (except as described in Section 1(b) above); or
  • use the HM Dataset for any purpose other than the Purpose specified in this Agreement.

Sorry for the misunderstanding , i wasn’t looking to violate the rules .
Where i live (Nigeria) we have really poor internet connection speeds and data subscription prices are high , i planned to use google Colab for this challenge,but with my internet connection this will cost me 10-12GB (which is expensive for a student) due to network interruptions and the size of dataset, so i was looking for a link to help me clone the dataset directly to my private google drive so that i can use it on colab.
however ,since it appears there are no alternatives i will get to downloading the dataset.

Contact the organizers, maybe they can help you with something.

Hey @Jbichene. You can download the zip file right into colab from AWS. Will take some 3 mins:

!wget -O --no-check-certificate --no-proxy “url here between quotation marks”


Hi @rjadr I am getting a “403 Forbidden” from this command on colab. Can you check and maybe give the command with exact URL? Thanks.

I see that this forum applied formatting to the quotation marks in my post above, this should work:

!wget -O --no-check-certificate --no-proxy "url here between quotation marks"