Noaa access link problem

the Approved data access location for Noaa : “” only works for the last 6 days.
Is there any solution to access all historical data using the approved link?
If NO, can we use other links (for training data) even if they are not approved?


Hi @mchahhou – make sure you’re looking in the right folder. Here’s an example of the data from May of 2021:

See details on how to access files here: NOAA High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) | AIforEarthDataSets

Hi, can you please confirm that this link is working for any year. It doesn’t seem to be working for dates before March 2021. Can you please try with years like 2017, 2018.


HI @mchahhou and @emily. I can get data back 298 days from today’s date. (March 21, 2021). Can someone confirm they can get data in prior years (i.e. training and testing). Otherwise, I do not understand why we are recommended to use HRRR if it is not available.

Thank you,


Can we use alternate links for HRRR with aws or google ? All links from High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR)

Can confirm I have the same problem accessing historical HRRR from the approved source. 03-21-2021 is the earliest available date in the azure storage blob. Any update on this @emily?

Thank you for your patience. The approved data access location for inference will remain as data is made available each day. You may, however, explore and incorporate additional sources of historical HRRR data during model training. The following two archives might be helpful during training, which provide data dating back to 2014:

You might also consider exploring the python package hrrrb, which provides helpful utilities and code examples to download archived HRRR data in GRIB2 format.