HRRR Data Access

The current HRRR daily data does not seem to be accessible from the approved data access location - can we use the Index of /pub/data/nccf/com/hrrr/prod location under the data products detail link - it’s the same data, just a different location and it works.

@jimking100 There is HRRR data available for the current day at the approved data access location: Only this entry point can be used for inference. See data access details for more information about how to work with this data source.

Yes, it does work now, but it wasn’t yesterday and this morning.

Hi @tglazer,
The HRRR data available for the current day at the approved location: does not seem to be available.

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@tglazer, is it possible to use an alternative database for HRRR? Or would it break the rules? The exact same data is saved on AWS: NOAA High-Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) Model - Registry of Open Data on AWS. If keeps being unreliable and won’t upload data on the following weeks, we will need an alternative. Thank you in advance.

I agree we should be able use the as a backup. Today (03/04/2022) is not available using this url -

This had been working for months.

Given the lack of an update, I am presuming that we are not allowed to pull the HRRR data from AWS and submitting my predictions accordingly.

@jimking100 @Galeros93 @oshbocker Thanks for bringing this to our attention. To ensure that HRRR data can be accessed in near real-time, you can now access the data via the AWS bucket s3://noaa-hrrr-bdp-pds/. An announcement was recently posted on the competition page, and the approved features list contains additional details.

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Does the approval of the alternative HRRR source apply retroactively?

In the last week, participants who use hrrr data waited for organizer’s official response before the submission deadline but could not hear. Therefore, some people used aws hrrr data and some people used blob hrrr data(5 days out of 7 missing) to follow the rule.
Do you have a plan to resolve this unfairness?


Hi @oshbocker and @separate – It was not valid to use the AWS data prior to the approval (this amounts to using a non-approved source) so there should not be any discrepancies in the HRRR data sources for last week’s scoring.

As Tammy wrote, you are now permitted to use the AWS HRRR data going forward. This is a permitted code change during the prize-evaluation phase.
We strongly recommend people to move to this source now to avoid any impacts of missing data.

Hi @separate, we’ve decided to exclude 3/3 from the scoring due to the unfairness in the delay of the HRRR data. Please see the latest announcement at

Thanks for your work, @emily

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