Nest_counts time series has more than raw observation?


Trying to understand how to arrive at the nest_counts time series

The description says

we’ve extracted just the nest counts from the raw data and transformed them into a timeseries. To do that, we take the following steps. First, we remove any observations that are for chicks or adults. Next, we look at each site_id+common_name pair (because some sites have colonies of penguins of different species). We take the maximum nest count that we see for each of these and use that as our count for the season. The columns in the dataset are now the years where we have at least one observation, and the values are how many penguins were observed.

I tried the same
and I find missing about 4 rows
on further investigation I find nest_counts has a site called ‘STOK’ missing in observations?


Sorry duplicate question … its been anwered in another thread