LUCAS Dataset Eligibility

I wanted to inquire if the LUCAS dataset . a soil dataset for Europe is eligible for the challenge. I find it really interesting to use for the challenge.


@alfaxad Yes, the LUCAS dataset does appear to be eligible based on the competition requirements that all sources are publicly and freely available. This is based on the Notifications outlined as part of LUCAS 2018 TOPSOIL dataset. In your submission, you should still:

  • Check the details of the specific LUCAS dataset you would like to use, and make sure it is also freely and publicly available.
  • Make sure to comply with any other requirements for data use. For example, the LUCAS 2018 TOPSOIL dataset requires that “there will be no attempt to identify by any means whatsoever, any individual statistical unit other than the geo-referenced coordinates of the points” (notification 4).

Apologies for the delayed response! Our team was out for the holidays. We are now back and will respond more promptly to any future questions.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing what you create! Don’t hesitate to follow up with any other questions.