Looking to Join a Team

Hello everyone, I am data scientist with an intermediate experience level in deep learning and a strong background in Genetics (I have BS degrees in Mathematics and Molecular Biology). I am looking for others to work with on this project. Please reach out if you are interested in collaborating :slight_smile:


Hi, I have also intermediate knowledge in machine learning, and good knowledge in genetics, I would like to collaborate if it’s okay with you

Hi, I did a submission, but I don’t find a way to contact you, can you send me a message?

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Hi, same level of knowledge this side and like to collaborate.

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Hi, I am data scientist Expert at kaggle and I am looking to team up with an expert in biology. You can contact me at hamditarek01@gmail.com for more details.

Hello all responders, I apologize for the delay in response. Please send me an email at leeschmalz@gmail.com and I will organize a group. We can then decide from there best fits for a team.

Hey, I added you to our team.

Hi! This is exciting,
I’d love to join in if there’s any space left. I am chief AI engineer at my workplace and have a strong background in the same.
Not super strong with genetics though (Dr. Lizard from spiderman is the most I know haha)

I am an intermediate data science enthusiast.
Please let me know if I can fit in ur team.

I can need your help in this project .Please drop a mail on vishalrajshah@gmail.com

Looking to join a team preferably in top 20. I am a Kaggle expert with 1% ranking in competitions tier. My LB (at the time of writing) is 29th (CV: 83, LB 88). Feel free to reply at rajneesh.vish1@gmail.com