Looking for teammates

Hi I am Akshata. I did my masters in Data Science and Business Analytics. I worked on couple of projects related to Natural Language Processing and have good idea of Image Processing. If you’re interested please let me know. We can collaborate and share ideas and learn together.

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Yes. I’m interested. I’m also working on it. So together it’ll be great.

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Hey Abrar, That’s great. Can you share your email ??

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Yes I am also interested

I am also interested, if you are still looking.

are you still looking for team??

are you still looking for team!??

You can email kanumuriakshata@gmail.com

Hey, I have recently completed AI fellowship. I have previously worked on enterprise based NLP projects with organizations like TCS Banking and Finance Research Lab and Arcesium (DeShaw). It will be great working together with you guys @AkshataKanumuri @Abrar2652. My objective is to come up with real state of the art solution if you guys are really serious about this then please add me.
My email: shubhamsaboo111@gmail.com Thanks!

Hi folks anyone still looking for a teammate. Please let me know on anvesh525@gmail.com