Looking for people to join my team!

Hi everyone my name is Bahushruth. I’m looking for people to join my team MemeLords.
If you are interested, Do let me know. I have previously worked on Text and Image embeddings and I have a fair idea on how to approach this competition.

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What’s special about your team? If you don’t mind me asking :slightly_smiling_face:

i am a python developer,i am intrested to join in your team.

Hi, I would be happy to join.

Hey I am second year engineering student studying in pune. I do the codes in C programming, c++, java , etc. Also android app development is my passion.

Hi, I am computational social scientist and urban designer. Interested in taking notions of language, logic concepts, cultural symbols into account. I have a background in social equity. Know Machine Learning and Data Science.

I’m interested in joining your team!

I’m interested in joining your team. Have prior experience in Computer Vision research

I am on the lookout for someone to join my team.The work plan to devise a good solution and prepare a description paper afterwards. My Strengths are more on the NLP side. connect with me at kell21n@stu.xidian.edu.cn

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I’m interested to join your team. I’m working with Python and my rank is 53rd now.

hi i am interested in joining your team, i have afair idea about image and text enmbeddings as well

Hi Mariah,

I have recently completed an AI fellowship (https://plaksha.org/techleaders) and am currently working as a data scientist with Arcesium (DEShaw). I have previously worked on enterprise based NLP projects with organizations like TCS Banking and Finance Research Lab and Arcesium (DeShaw). It will be great working together with you. My objective is to come up with a real state of the art solution if you share the same objective then we can connect at shubhamsaboo111@gmail.com and have brainstorming sessions around that. Looking forward to your reply.


Can I join your team? I am new here and would like to help and work as a team.

About me:
I am working in image processing domain since last 18+ years. I can write code in any language the product requires. I am 44 years old, and can bring in my years of wisdom-gained in this interesting project lead by you.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Have a blessed day,

Hi, can i join your team. I’m new to this platform. So i want to work as a group. I able to write code in python and other languages.

Hi I would like to join a team or if anyone interested to join my team, please email me on anvesh525@gmail.com