Label definition


Though this competiton deadline approaching, I have a few question for the future refference after the competition ends.

(cause It is said that)

The challenge organizers intend to make the data available online after the competition for ongoing improvement.

1.Labeling methods
though most of m/z abundance have noise more or less, how did you define/confirm label 1 or 0?
Is there any clear rules or threshold to decide a compound is /isn’t present in the sample?

2.Basalt label
I have Googled and noticed that basalt have Fe2O3(about 9.5%) and SiO2(about 50%) in its chemical composition.
So what does it mean about ‘basalt=1, iron-oxicide=0, silicate=0’ like sample_id S0021? and what’s the defference from ‘basalt=1, iron-oxicide=1,sillicate=1’ like sample_id S0016 ?


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