Just under two weeks to go!

You still have two weeks to make it to the top of Box-plots for education!

We’ve had many great submissions so far, and the lead has changed hands a number of times. Congrats to quocnle, giba, trevs, and abhishek on their competition-leading submissions so far. If your name isn’t on that list, you still have these two weeks to make things happen.

A strong finish means we can provide an awesome solution to ERS, and that means they can be even more effective in their efforts to help schools and school districts.

Thanks for the hard work so far, and good luck!

So, is this one of these competitions where test distribution is entirely different for train distribution? Man, I hate those.

By the way, a suggestion: add a forum link to the competition menu.


Hey Zygmunt,

Unfortunately, real-world data situations aren’t always nicely tied up in bows. :smile:

Education Resource Strategies gets data from school districts in a variety of formats, and their new data never looks exactly like their old data. But, they still have to complete the same labeling task on the new data. We used a couple strategies to make the test set much like what ERS sees in the course of their work. So, while it may be a little annoying for the competition, it’s what will help them most in the long run!

Thanks again for competing and good luck!


PS - Also, thanks for the feedback, we’re adding that link to the main site navigation shortly!

Hello! Can you please tell what happened to my last submission? Until now, there does not appear any result…

Sorry for the delay. That submission scored 0.4523 and should appear properly now.

Thanks for letting us know and good luck!