Issue adding onnxruntime

Hello and happy holidays,

I am having an issue adding the onnxruntime module as a dependency. I am a Matlab user and in order to use my models in Python, I export them from Matlab as onnx files and use them in Python with the onnxruntime module.

I followed the add dependencies instructions, but I get the following error:

Check failure on line 1178 in Build log

@azure-pipelinesazure-pipelines/ drivendataorg.ai4earth-serengeti-runtime (test_cpu_installs)

Build log #L1178

Bash exited with code '125'.

I added -onnxruntime=1.1.0 to py-cpu.yml
I added onnxruntime under ## ADD ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS BELOW HERE ## in

If anyone can make a suggestion or add the dependency that will would be great.



I resolved my problem by converting my Onnx model to a Tensorflow model using onnx_tf. The resulting pb file was used in my file. This method keeps me from having to add anything new to the submission environment. Just note, if your Onnx model has a ceil function in a layer, you will need to use a Tensorflow version less than 2.0 for the conversion.

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