Broken environment

@isms Your last merge to the docker environment broke all me previous submissions
new ultratycis needs new openvino and adding onnx made the code much slower. Could you please revert to the previous version of the environment.
Add packages to the submission is possible but (IT CONSUMES TIME FROM THE LIMIT)
AND uninstalling packages is not possible (Permission denied)

@Ammarali32 After a preliminary pass of looking into your logs and submission history, we did not see corroboration of the specific issues you’re raising. That said, if there’s something going on that can be fixed we’d like to help find a resolution.

Please email our support mailbox and we can work with you to track down what’s going on with your submissions. Closing this thread for the moment, since the forum isn’t the right venue for support back-and-forth — if it turns out there’s something of interest to other competitors we can update this topic.