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Introducing PytorchEO

Hi all, I would like to introduce a new library I’ve been working on lately. It’s called PytorchEO and it is aimed at making AI4EO easier, with utilites to easily build datasets and ready to use tasks. It’s based on Pytorch and Pytorch Lightning.

I prepared a notebook replicating the starter notebook for this competition using PytorchEO, so you can start using it now for this competition.

The library is in very early stages, with no documentation but already some useful examples. If you think this library is useful please let me know so I can justify working more on it :slight_smile:

Good luck with the challenge, and have fun !



The code is very well structured and very clean.

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Very nice library. You may want to also look at GitHub - microsoft/torchgeo: TorchGeo: datasets, transforms, and models for geospatial data which is also focused on EO