How to download data in China

I hope everything is going well with you.We had some trouble downloading data.Data transmission was interrupted during download.And since the restriction of Internet law and the absence of visa card,it is a bit difficult to download data in China.
I want to ask if there is any simple, legal and reliable way to download data in China?I would appreciate it if you help me in this regard.

Hi @huojinshensss. If the data download is repeatedly failing, I would suggest that you try downloading the images one at a time. There is an example script in another post that demonstrates how to do this: How to have access to the data - #4 by nick.burns

I would also suggest using the Asia server, as that should be a bit faster: s3://drivendata-competition-biomassters-public-as/

Let me know if that helps. Good luck!

Thank you so much for your reply.I tried to use the server in Asia and the method in the link you provided.But there are still some problems.The download speed is still too slow for some reasons.And the network will be unstable when we access data.After dozens of hours, data download will still be interrupted due to network problems.I’m sorry, but I still need to find a more effective way to download data.(I may have repeated the post because of previous editing mistakes)

Unfortunately the data is large will require good/stable network connection to download. The tips I mentioned will help with reliability, but won’t completely mitigate a bad connection. Best of luck!