Ground_measures_features updating time based on UTC

For the prize period we are going to make our submissions every week based on the dates in submission file, i.e: 2022-02-17, 2022-02-24, 2022-03-03, …

Also, the ground_measures_features.csv we be updated accordingly on those dates.

My questions are (during the prize period):
A) when exactly the ground_measures_features.csv will be updated based on UTC time zone?
B) Is the updated time always the same for all the weeks?
C) Is the deadline for our submission for each date (3-day window mentioned in the instruction) based on UTC?


@nima.shahbazi ground_measures_features.csv will be updated each day that requires estimation as indicated in the submission_format.csv. For example, if you are submitting predictions for 2022-01-13 then features will be updated by 23:59 UTC on 2022-01-13. The exact update time may vary from week to week. The most recent release date is indicated on the Data Download page.

All submission deadlines are based on UTC. See the submission format section of the Evaluation Stage page for more information.