Geo Coordinates problem for mixco_1_and_ebenezer and mixco_1 region

Hello Everyone,

Problem - When placing the polygons(coordinates) on the 2 mixco regions i found that lot of polygons are not matching the roofs they should be on, also this problem is happening only in these 2 regions and found alot of polygons on the roads and alot of them also were covering 2 buildings together.

The code for extracting the images from the tiff image is same as the code on mathworks blog and it works for other region perfectly but fails for the 2 mixco regions due to which major part of training data is misleading the classification process.

I verified this also by getting random rooftops after applying spacial refer. to in region and then fliping the Y coordinated according to conventions and the problem is persistent.

Please let me know if this problem is common or not.

Reconsider your process of converting geo-coordinates to pixel indices. The GEOJSON file specifies the reference system is WGS-84.

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We also have the same problem