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I am looking to assemble a team that wishes to focus on the aspect of soil. Soil (organic matter) is degrading at an alarming rate with desertification happening from over farming, and with the quality of food decreasing as the organic matter disappears, this is an issue I want to tackle. If this interests you, please read below:

Please comment with:

First Name-
How familiar you are with the data resources available-
What you will bring to the group-
How much time weekly you will be able to devote-
Favorite Hero-

7 Weeks to go,
All the Best,
Nathaniel -616

Information about the soil comes from the Save Soil Initiative:
*How To Save Soil - The Source of Our Life

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I emailed you. Can we connect by email?

I will email you in a bit!

Hi there, I didn’t receive an email here or to my personal one. If you are still interested please email:

Hey there,

So I just sent an email to that address listed, but the ‘mailer-daemon’ has sent me a message back saying it did not go through. If you are still interested, please email:

Nombre- Antonella Ortiz
Experiencia- Arquitecta recien recibida
¿Qué tan familiarizado está con los recursos de datos disponibles?
Desde mi experiencia solo manejar las paginas de datos como mapas, estadisticas que tienen que ver con urbanismo.
Lo que traerás al grupo-
Como arquitecta busco brindar un apoyo a la innovación y solución del habitat humano, no implica solamente la vivienda sino muchos otros edificios que hacen al espacio, tu objetivo que está relacionado con el estudio del suelo es muy importate porque afecta a la.forma de habitar de las personas.
¿Cuánto tiempo semanal podrás dedicar? Trabajo 8hs el resto es tiempo libre

Authentic content
I can be around 24/7 ‘every time’
Every activist