Data Download of .tar files

Can’t download the data for the data. the .tar files are not being downloaded in chrome on my mac. Though all other files are getting downloaded but these tar files are not getting downloaded

I could download the data by pressing shift which opens the data in other window and then refresh the url then it gets downloaded. Putting it there if it helps someone

Hi @Taki135,

I was able to reproduce the problem, and it seems like we were running into a security measure on Chrome. All of our image tar archive download links were http:// links and Chrome was blocking these as insecure.

I’ve updated all of the links to use https:// instead, and they should all work now. If you still have the data download page open, please make sure to refresh the page first. Let us know if you still have any problems.

It’s funny, when loading into Chrome (and I have Windows), the download speed gradually decreased from 100k to 0) I tried my old Firefox and everything downloaded with great speed (at the speed of my channel). This is the first time I see this)

@tiesp Thanks for letting us know. Browsers are very bad at managing large downloads - people will likely want to use something like wget or (even better) aria2, or any other real download manager which can resume stalled downloads.

For anybody having download issues, please give that a shot and let us know if you’re still having issues.