Clarifcation regarding the Submission

It is stated in the Official Rules that,

Unless otherwise specified on the Competition Website, for the purposes of quantitative evaluation of Submissions, Participants agree to process each test data sample independently without the use of information from other cases in the test set.

I’m not sure what does it mean. It would be really helpful if we can get some clarification regarding this.
@kwetstone it would be really helpful if you could kindly look into it.

@awsaf49 Happy to help! When you make a prediction for a sample, you should be using information from that sample only. In this case, it means that your model should only use information from one video at a time when generating predictions. Ie. To get the distance 4 seconds into the video dudh.mp4 , during inference you can use any information from dudh.mp4 but you cannot pull in any information from the video zxsz.mp4 .

Thanks for your response…