Can i participate in any competitions

Hi Organizer and folks,

I am here to clarify a doubt regarding the eligibility criteria. Actually, I am a Kaggle Competition Master (Mohammed | Master | Kaggle ) who won 2 competitions and 6 medals in Competition. Since Kaggle allow me if my parents submit a parental consent form and i can compete without any issues I am interested in participating in the competitions hosted at Driven data too. But the thing is that I am below 18 and I am not sure that I could compete or not. My parents allow me to do so. But I need a final clarification from the organizer’s side. expecting for fast reply and clarification.

Thank you in advance

Hi @mohri - Thanks for reaching out. See specific follow up on the ISC question here. Unfortunately you are not eligible to participate in any competitions at this time as participants must be 18 years or older. If this changes in the future it will be reflected in the rules.

Again great to see the work you’ve been doing, and we’re excited to see your continued progress.

I am so sad because I cannot participate in this competition

Just one more query,
Can I join with a team who are above 18 years old

Thank you in advance

The age requirement is for participation and use of the website, not for prize eligibility. So this would preclude joining a team as well.