Battery Sizes MW or kW

Is it me or does the battery capacities and power seem very small in comparison to both the pv and loads?

By my calcs the battery-power to load is around 0.001-0.003 or 0.1-0.3% for the total load. This seems rather low.

Alternatively, this could be a kW to MW error in my understanding. Is this not stated anywhere (or is somewhat obscured) and there is no information given on the metadata.csv so it is hard to know this.

Could we get clarification of what is kW (kWh) and MW (MWh)? @bull


I second the need for clarification regarding the battery sizes. The only information I can find regarding sizes is in the battery python script, which suggests the capacity is in Watt-hours and the charging/discharging power is in Watts. If these are also the units for the metadata file (where there are no units), then the batteries are ridiculously small.

The biggest battery simulated would be 3kWh (max power only 750W) - less than a quarter of the size of the Tesla Powerwall 2 - for a load averaging 150kW (more than 100x the average load for which the Powerwall is designed!).


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I’ve gotten confirmation that the battery capacity is in kWh and the other calculations are in Watts. The simulation in the competition repo has been updated to take the difference into account when loading the battery information.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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